The paradox of choice

The paradox of choice…

What is the paradox of choice? … that too much choice is sometimes paralyzing…. It actually prevents action. We all face this paradox everywhere. Choice elsewhere is fine but when it comes to health, too much of a choice can be counter-productive.
If we were to dissect in a step-wise manner the choice that a patient deals with before getting on the right track especially when it comes to skin and hair concerns, would be as below ……

1) You could wait for it to subside as long as it doesn’t interfere with your daily life
2) You could try some home remedies (millions of recommendations online!)
3) You could listen to your family or relative’s advice on what worked for them in a “probably similar” situation
4) You could use a over the counter product perhaps influenced
by a television commercial or a news paper advert
5) You could use the advice given at your local salon/spa
6) You could seek a pharmacists suggestion and try his recommendation
7) You could visit your family physician
8) Finally!! You could consult a Dermatologist….

Well, by the time you are through with this hierarchy of choice, your skin/hair condition has changed, worsened or irreversibly damaged at times, and become chronic! So, what is the best approach?
I think, you must first be rightfully aware of your skin/hair condition and not take it too lightly! After all, your skin is the largest and most visible organ of your body and needs to be cared for just as much. You must look at all the options and evaluate which option would help you reach your goal of fixing your skin/hair. Seek professional advice from a qualified doctor. And lastly be compliant and complete your treatment for maximum benefit.

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