The pursuit of fairness

The pursuit of fairness…

I’m not debating on whether the pursuit of fairness is worthwhile or justified or rational or vain, but trying to debunk myths and clarify what is achievable in terms of complexion and how.
The good news is it is possible to go lighter on your skin tone with certain treatments for every individual. How light? …. I would say as light as the tone of your non-sun exposed skin. In the sense you could look at a few shades fairer but not unrealistically white. An even tone with the individual achievable complexion could be your best self.
Several modalities of treatments are available based on your age, lifestyle, skin type and your medical history. Chemical Peels, Lasers for Skin Lightening, Skin Rejuvenation treatments, Oral and Topical adjuvants, Rigorous sun protection and many other effective options are available. A treatment plan can be customized and designed for you. Adherence to treatment protocol and good post treatment care can deliver the desired results and maintain the benefits obtained.


However, the above-mentioned results cannot be achieved overnight or in a fortnight. Time and patience are essential ingredients in this recipe. Being realistic is of key importance. There is no magic, it is scientifically plausible to shed off the extra unwanted pigmentation gained as we age and so the treatments are not aimed to harm in any manner and neither do they have any long term side effects. It is best to consult a dermatologist who is trained to treat skin professionally and discuss your concern.

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