Laser Hair Removal for Men

Increasingly men are seeking Permanent Hair Reduction for excessive unwanted hair on the back, shoulders, chest and face. Also, certain professions like modelling, acting and sports persons require regular shaving which may lead to irritation and folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles). In addition to eliminating the need to shave every day, Laser Hair Removal has many benefits like permanency (results are dramatic and long-lasting). It is customisable to suit your specific requirements and is safe and comfortable. When choosing a Skin Clinic for Laser Hair Removal, make sure that there are certified Dermatologists and the Laser being used is a medical-grade Laser (preferably US FDA Approved) for Best Results. At Signature Skin Clinic, we use the Candela Gentle YAG PRO, which is the Gold Standard for Hair Removal Treatment and is robust enough to conduct Hair Removal for Men.


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