Hair Loss

Is Your hair loss related to Hard water?
Top 5 reasons that make you reach this conclusion are:

  1. Your hair loss began soon after you shifted to Jaipur/Bangalore/ Delhi/ Gurgaon/Dubai….
    2. You lose a lot of hair while you take a shower or just after it.
    3. You have found out/already knew that the water you are usingis hard water, that is, it does not lather with soap easily.
    4. A lot of people around you are also complaining of hair loss because of hard water.
    5. The salon or spa you visit has also told you about damage to hair because of hard water.

I’m sure the answer to at least two of those questions is a yes if you are suffering from hair loss.

So, why is “hard water” the usual suspect?

Hard water is water that has a significant amount of calcium and magnesium compounds and therefore does not lather with soap easily. Its high mineral content is implicated for its harsh effects.
However, a lot of research has been done to find out the relation between hard water and hair loss. And until now there is no evidence that hard water causes hair loss. Hard water could cause the hair to appear dull, worn out or lifeless but there is no direct effect on hair loss according to several clinical trials.
According to research hardness of water does not affect the tensile strength or the elasticity of hair and therefore is not responsible for causing hair loss.

Personally, I have found a difference in the way my hair feels when I use soft water as compared to hard water, in that, the texture and smoothness is much better with soft water but nothing more to judge hard water as a cause for hair loss.

There are a lot of factors that could cause hair loss, apart from underlying medical conditions, which need to be considered. Shifting cities/places itself could be stressful as your living arrangement changes, you may not be eating the same, your lifestyle changes, sleep pattern gets affected…. all this could certainly affect your hair cycle. Hair loss is an important sign of internal well being, so you must consider seeing a dermatologist before its too late.
I must confess that I succumb to patients ideas of washing hair with RO/purified water but with the faith that it wont aggravate the problem and knowing that the patient would feel satisfied with the texture and the hair loss will be getting corrected medically, simultaneously with the treatment.

So, what is your experience? Do you have any valid reasons to believe that hard water is responsible for your hair loss?

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