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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Increasingly men are seeking Permanent Hair Reduction for excessive unwanted hair on the back, shoulders, chest and face. Also, certain professions like modelling, acting and sports persons require regular shaving which may lead to irritation and folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles). In addition to eliminating the need to shave every day, Laser Hair Removal has many benefits like permanency (results are dramatic and long-lasting). It is customisable to suit your specific requirements and is safe and comfortable. When choosing a Skin Clinic for Laser Hair Removal, make sure that there are certified Dermatologists and the Laser being used is a medical-grade Laser (preferably US FDA Approved) for Best Results. At Signature Skin Clinic, we use the Candela Gentle YAG PRO, which is the Gold Standard for Hair Removal Treatment and is robust enough to conduct Hair Removal for Men.

3 Sure-shot Benefits of Chemical Peel Treatment

3 Sure-shot Benefits of Chemical Peel Treatment One of the most Effective yet simple Treatments available for a Clear Skin is a Chemical Peel. It improves Skin Appearance by Exfoliating dead cells, reducing inflammation and improving Moisture retention. Through the use of safe solutions, based on your Skin concerns and Aesthetic Goals, our Dermatologists provide the most Suitable Treatment to optimise your Skin Improvement. 3 definite Benefits of a Chemical Peel are

#1. Reduces Acne / Pimples

#2. Reduces Skin Pigmentation

#3. Reduces Fine Lines and Improves Skin Texture For more details contact Signature Skin Clinic at +91-94612-88880 or click on the following link:

3 Ways to get ready for the Summers

3 Ways to get ready for the Summers.. #

1. Strip back the dead layers. Winters can leave the Skin dull and lack lustre because of the combination of cold, dry air and lack of sufficient Hydration. As you move into the summer, Deep Exfoliation will help strip away these layers and reveal New Skin underneath. Microdermabrasion helps Polish and Smoothen the Skin with a vacuum and targets Blocked Pores, Fine lines and prepares the Skin for better penetration of Lotions and Serums.

#2. Up the SPF. One should wear a Sunblock all year around but as the weather warms up, its ever more important to bring back the Sunscreen into your daily routine. Apply the Sunscreen in the morning before heading out and reapply in the afternoon.

#3. Add back the Moisture. Since winter stresses the Skin out and strips the Skin of its essential Moisture, its time to pump the Moisture back in. Consult your Dermatologist to look for the right ingredients in your Moisturiser and apply it generously for that Healthy Skin. For more details Contact Signature Skin Clinic at +91-94612-88880 or click on the following link:

Want a Naturally Young Appearance?

Want a Naturally Young Appearance?…………. Consider Dermal Fillers! Ageing causes the fat under your Facial Skin to shrink and sag. Dermal Fillers, made from Hyaluronic Acid, restore that lost volume in a safe and minimally invasive way. They are compatible with your body since its a Natural Substance found in your body. Dermal Fillers provide Immediate Results with little or no downtime and last as long as two years! Dermal Fillers can eliminate Wrinkles, Fine Lines and give the Face a more Smooth, plump and Youthful Appearance. It is the MOST COMMON and sought after AESTHETIC TREATMENT is done worldwide for many years. The natural results that Dermal Fillers provide are the reason for its popularity. This procedure can take away many years off your Aging Face! A trained Dermatologist can give you the desired results. For more information about Fillers click on the following link: or call +91-9461288880 to make an appointment.

Iron out your Wrinkles with Botox

Iron out your Wrinkles with Botox……. Ageing is inevitable but at Signature Skin Clinic we can help you slow its progress through Botox therapy – a simple non-surgical procedure that Brightens your Face smoothes out Frown Lines and makes you look and feel years Younger! Botox therapy is the Most Popular Aesthetic treatment in the world and has a number of indications: – Smoothing out Forehead Wrinkles – Eliminating Frown lines between the eyebrows – Minimising wrinkles at the edge of your eyes, sides of your nose, around the mouth – Lifting drooping eyelids and brows Some incredible Benefits of Botox therapy: – Short, non-invasive procedure – No recovery period – Immediate results – Minimal or no side effects – Powerful after-effects- it prevents development of new Wrinkles in the treated areas. At Signature Skin Clinic, we are committed to providing exceptional Care for our Patients and ensure that you receive the most Satisfying, Long-lasting results from your Botox treatment. To learn more about our Safe and Effective Botox Therapies, contact our Skin Care Specialists at +91-9461288880 or visit

Ban the Summer Tan

Ban the Summer Tan! Don’t let the Summer sun get the best of you. Jaipur is known for its sunshine and warmth, which makes for a great summer but also leads to Sun Damaged Skin if you’re not careful; Sun Damage can appear in the form of Tanning, Pigmentation, Brown Spots, Wrinkles and Open Pores. You must protect your skin from the Sun with a Water-resistant Sunscreen Lotion. In case of a Sunburn, use a cold towel pressed against your face for immediate cooling and apply a soothing Calamine lotion for relief. Try to limit your time in the Sun and while prevention is better than cure, don’t stress if it’s too late, at Signature Skin, we have the Perfect Treatments to clear your Sun Damage. Our Skin Experts can assess your unique needs and provide the Best available Treatments ranging from Therapeutics/Medicines to Laser Treatments. Signature Skin is known for its really Effective Photo-facial Treatments designed by our Skin Specialists to give immediate results with sun-damaged
Skin. For more information contact our Skin Clinic at +91-9461288880 or visit

Hair Loss

Is Your hair loss related to Hard water?
Top 5 reasons that make you reach this conclusion are:

  1. Your hair loss began soon after you shifted to Jaipur/Bangalore/ Delhi/ Gurgaon/Dubai….
    2. You lose a lot of hair while you take a shower or just after it.
    3. You have found out/already knew that the water you are usingis hard water, that is, it does not lather with soap easily.
    4. A lot of people around you are also complaining of hair loss because of hard water.
    5. The salon or spa you visit has also told you about damage to hair because of hard water.

I’m sure the answer to at least two of those questions is a yes if you are suffering from hair loss.

So, why is “hard water” the usual suspect?

Hard water is water that has a significant amount of calcium and magnesium compounds and therefore does not lather with soap easily. Its high mineral content is implicated for its harsh effects.
However, a lot of research has been done to find out the relation between hard water and hair loss. And until now there is no evidence that hard water causes hair loss. Hard water could cause the hair to appear dull, worn out or lifeless but there is no direct effect on hair loss according to several clinical trials.
According to research hardness of water does not affect the tensile strength or the elasticity of hair and therefore is not responsible for causing hair loss.

Personally, I have found a difference in the way my hair feels when I use soft water as compared to hard water, in that, the texture and smoothness is much better with soft water but nothing more to judge hard water as a cause for hair loss.

There are a lot of factors that could cause hair loss, apart from underlying medical conditions, which need to be considered. Shifting cities/places itself could be stressful as your living arrangement changes, you may not be eating the same, your lifestyle changes, sleep pattern gets affected…. all this could certainly affect your hair cycle. Hair loss is an important sign of internal well being, so you must consider seeing a dermatologist before its too late.
I must confess that I succumb to patients ideas of washing hair with RO/purified water but with the faith that it wont aggravate the problem and knowing that the patient would feel satisfied with the texture and the hair loss will be getting corrected medically, simultaneously with the treatment.

So, what is your experience? Do you have any valid reasons to believe that hard water is responsible for your hair loss?

The paradox of choice

The paradox of choice…

What is the paradox of choice? … that too much choice is sometimes paralyzing…. It actually prevents action. We all face this paradox everywhere. Choice elsewhere is fine but when it comes to health, too much of a choice can be counter-productive.
If we were to dissect in a step-wise manner the choice that a patient deals with before getting on the right track especially when it comes to skin and hair concerns, would be as below ……

1) You could wait for it to subside as long as it doesn’t interfere with your daily life
2) You could try some home remedies (millions of recommendations online!)
3) You could listen to your family or relative’s advice on what worked for them in a “probably similar” situation
4) You could use a over the counter product perhaps influenced
by a television commercial or a news paper advert
5) You could use the advice given at your local salon/spa
6) You could seek a pharmacists suggestion and try his recommendation
7) You could visit your family physician
8) Finally!! You could consult a Dermatologist….

Well, by the time you are through with this hierarchy of choice, your skin/hair condition has changed, worsened or irreversibly damaged at times, and become chronic! So, what is the best approach?
I think, you must first be rightfully aware of your skin/hair condition and not take it too lightly! After all, your skin is the largest and most visible organ of your body and needs to be cared for just as much. You must look at all the options and evaluate which option would help you reach your goal of fixing your skin/hair. Seek professional advice from a qualified doctor. And lastly be compliant and complete your treatment for maximum benefit.

The pursuit of fairness

The pursuit of fairness…

I’m not debating on whether the pursuit of fairness is worthwhile or justified or rational or vain, but trying to debunk myths and clarify what is achievable in terms of complexion and how.
The good news is it is possible to go lighter on your skin tone with certain treatments for every individual. How light? …. I would say as light as the tone of your non-sun exposed skin. In the sense you could look at a few shades fairer but not unrealistically white. An even tone with the individual achievable complexion could be your best self.
Several modalities of treatments are available based on your age, lifestyle, skin type and your medical history. Chemical Peels, Lasers for Skin Lightening, Skin Rejuvenation treatments, Oral and Topical adjuvants, Rigorous sun protection and many other effective options are available. A treatment plan can be customized and designed for you. Adherence to treatment protocol and good post treatment care can deliver the desired results and maintain the benefits obtained.


However, the above-mentioned results cannot be achieved overnight or in a fortnight. Time and patience are essential ingredients in this recipe. Being realistic is of key importance. There is no magic, it is scientifically plausible to shed off the extra unwanted pigmentation gained as we age and so the treatments are not aimed to harm in any manner and neither do they have any long term side effects. It is best to consult a dermatologist who is trained to treat skin professionally and discuss your concern.


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