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It doesn’t seem enough to be bright or light,
Four-fifth of the world is crazy about white.
Here I am, struggling alone,
All I want is an even tone…..
These patches disfigure my skin and soul,
That soul, which was once a canvas for aurora……..
That skin, which reflected a vivacious plethora…….
I again want to paint them, unvaried and whole.

Vitiligo, baffles me and fascinates me all at once. Much is spoken of its impact on a patient’s life and fairly so, but I often wonder what causes this deep impact?

A lot of questions surface in my mind. Is it because it is unpredictable and just descends abruptly on the skin? Is it because of our inherent instinct to judge based on colour? Is it because it appears like an aberration? Is it incited by an outsider/viewer? Is it self-created and self-perpetuated? Is it because of the notion that it is untreatable? Does fading of the skin consequently create a pallid environment?

The questions are incessant.

My mentor had once asked me a very profound question: “what is more real, fact or perception“? And she emphatically said perception. Only when our perception changes, the change is “real” for us. The vice versa however, is not true. The point I’m trying to make is a change in perception of Vitiligo is needed to change the reality of Vitiligo in your life. The battle you first need to fight is with your own perspective. It’s your own view about Vitiligo that is more damaging than an unwelcoming world.

I encourage you to neutralise your stance on Vitiligo. Transform the – “I have Vitiligo so…..” to “ So what if I have Vitiligo…..”

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