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What is your take on camouflage? Do you have an opinion on it? Does it translate into “hiding something” for you? It’s all about perception again I would say. Why can’t it mean, “protecting something”?? And what is wrong about protection? It is indeed a basic human instinct. The “Make up” industry which, is worth thousands of billions of dollars,thrives on the principle of “camouflaging” blemishes!

I believe that Camouflage is a treatment option in Vitiligo. Treatment does not necessarily mean, “curing a disease”, it literally means, “caring for a disease”, “to deal with” or “to improve” or “alter the disease”.

Camouflage lifts off the enormous social burden that a patient bears when Vitiligo affects the visible body parts. If it enables you to wear an open footwear or sandals, don that sleeveless dress, confidently shake hands at social meetings, do any, thus far avoided social activity, swim with a nonchalant stroke, then why not? After all, social well-being is an important pillar of health.

Vitiligo is one of the few conditions in which while you persist with its therapy you can camouflage it and completely be free of its symptoms! Like everything else these days your camouflage too can be customized. The colour closest to your skin tone can be found. You can find a safe option, learn the method of application and improve your quality of life significantly. So, go out there and find your blend! Live a full life, don’t worry about the end!

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