Ban the Summer Tan

Ban the Summer Tan! Don’t let the Summer sun get the best of you. Jaipur is known for its sunshine and warmth, which makes for a great summer but also leads to Sun Damaged Skin if you’re not careful; Sun Damage can appear in the form of Tanning, Pigmentation, Brown Spots, Wrinkles and Open Pores. You must protect your skin from the Sun with a Water-resistant Sunscreen Lotion. In case of a Sunburn, use a cold towel pressed against your face for immediate cooling and apply a soothing Calamine lotion for relief. Try to limit your time in the Sun and while prevention is better than cure, don’t stress if it’s too late, at Signature Skin, we have the Perfect Treatments to clear your Sun Damage. Our Skin Experts can assess your unique needs and provide the Best available Treatments ranging from Therapeutics/Medicines to Laser Treatments. Signature Skin is known for its really Effective Photo-facial Treatments designed by our Skin Specialists to give immediate results with sun-damaged
Skin. For more information contact our Skin Clinic at +91-9461288880 or visit

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