3 Ways to get ready for the Summers

3 Ways to get ready for the Summers.. #

1. Strip back the dead layers. Winters can leave the Skin dull and lack lustre because of the combination of cold, dry air and lack of sufficient Hydration. As you move into the summer, Deep Exfoliation will help strip away these layers and reveal New Skin underneath. Microdermabrasion helps Polish and Smoothen the Skin with a vacuum and targets Blocked Pores, Fine lines and prepares the Skin for better penetration of Lotions and Serums.

#2. Up the SPF. One should wear a Sunblock all year around but as the weather warms up, its ever more important to bring back the Sunscreen into your daily routine. Apply the Sunscreen in the morning before heading out and reapply in the afternoon.

#3. Add back the Moisture. Since winter stresses the Skin out and strips the Skin of its essential Moisture, its time to pump the Moisture back in. Consult your Dermatologist to look for the right ingredients in your Moisturiser and apply it generously for that Healthy Skin. For more details Contact Signature Skin Clinic at +91-94612-88880 or click on the following link: https://signatureskin.co.in/contact.html


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