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Signature Skin is an exclusive dermatological center founded by Dr Shantanu and Dr Swati with the central goal of unmatched patient care and services.

Their endeavor is to offer the most effective and advanced treatments and procedures for the entire range of cosmetic and medical concerns. Signature Skin is a niche skin clinic committed to alleviating skin diseases as much as it is to aesthetic solutions.

Dr. Shantanu and Dr. Swati have significant clinical experience and are constantly training in the latest devices and procedures, which gives them an advantage that they pass on to you. They personally understand the pressing need to look good at all times and know that your skin is your “Signature” style. They know how confusing it is to choose from the vide array of options available which claim to transform you overnight. Therefore they conceived Signature Skin to offer the most simple, scientific and ethical recommendations to help you achieve your desired goal.


At Signature Skin we have Laser systems that are technologically sound and US FDA approved for the indications that they are used to treat. Furthermore, effectiveness is only enhanced by the use of our experts who are proficient with their applications. You will find your optimal solution with the latest technology at Signature Skin.


The field of Aesthetics revolutionized the attitude towards skin care. The possibility of looking one’s best or defying aging became realistically achievable. We at Signature Skin offer the most safe treatment options both surgical and non surgical to enhance your skin.


Both our experts trained in Hair Restoration Surgeries with Dr Sanjeev Vasa, who is a pioneer in the field of Hair transplantation. With a practical understanding of the distress of hair loss, the patient is guided to choose the right surgical methodology (FUT/FUE), which would be most beneficial to the patient. Post surgical results are maintained with optimal medical treatment.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Shantanu Choudhary - Best Skin Specialist, Dermatologist in Jaipur


      Dr Shantanu Choudhary graduated as a dermatologist from the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum where he trained ex

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Dr. Swati Mogra - Best Skin Specialist, Dermatologist in Jaipur


      Dr Swati Mogra is one of India's first certified Specialist Dermatologists from the Royal College of Physicians, UK. She graduated as

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